6 Highly Effective Ways to Increase conversion on your web page

One thing that most online marketers spend their time on is perfecting their websites’ usability and looking for all the right techniques to reduce bounce rate. In simple words, bounce rate is the amount of time in which the visitors who visit your web page, leave before they give you a single chance to convert them.

If you happen to be suffering from high bounce rate and less conversion rate then here is a post to let you know all the right techniques to build up the conversion rate.

1.     Indulge More in Target Marketing

They say if you speak to everyone online, then you are really not speaking to anyone. This means that it is important to create a personalized experience for the target audience.  Personalization is important because the more your site interacts with the visitor on his/her terms the better it connects with the visitor or the customer.

2.     Use a Call-to-Action (CTA)

How would you react to a pop-up, flashy arrow, and exit redirects on a website that is asking for your information? Most of the visitors would not react in a positive way and will definitely close them. This is why it is important to have a clear and simple submission form to visitors in a way that does not seem obnoxious. It is important to optimize the CTA because every element that increases conversion rate matters.

3.     Use a Simple Website Layout

The layout is what retains the visitor the most as it is the first thing that a visitor sees and navigates with. Fancy graphics and bold colors distract the visitors and this, in turn, results in an increase in the site’s bounce rate. A proper layout should always be designed in a simple and attractive way to increase customer engagement and conversion rate

4.     Focus on Mobile Users

Mobile internet usage happens to be greater than desktop internet usage. This is why it is crucial to creating a responsive design that not only grabs your visitors’ attention but also aids them to scroll through the web page without any hindrance. Mobile audience is very important and approaching mobile-optimized sites to increase the conversion rate should be your next step.

5.     Be More Social

Social media marketing is on the rise which means that visitors are always attracted towards the ‘Like’ buttons on the sites. This also creates brand awareness among the audience via social media sites and allows you to eventually increase the conversion rate.

6.     Higher the Speed, Higher the Conversion Rate

Some website owners lose the focus on the loading speed of the pages. This basically happens when the image usage is done without a specific dimension limit and the increased coding leads to slow loading speed.

In order to increase your conversion rate, you will need to know all the optimization techniques and extensive testing. This is why it is important to follow all the right tips so that you can drive your sales, leads or clicks to a higher level.