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Client Testimonials

Yannick was extremely helpful in helping me set up a facebook campaign for a client I run
ads facebook ads for. He gave me some great information and actionable plans in which /
will be constantly using. I have spent a lot of time trying to figure out somethings on my
own and thru research but Yannick cut straight to the chase and gave me actionable plans
in which I implement within the first session and saw great results/. I will be using Yannick in
the future to help my agency grow and develop. Thanks, Yannick once again! HIGHLY

Facebook + Google Ads AdminJul 2019 - Aug 2019

"Yannick was excellent to work with. He checked our current campaigns and made different changes so that we can double our revenue and have an ROl of 400%. We've already
gotten a huge jump in sales since working with him. Yannick is friendly, flexible and really
delivers. We finally see Facebook ads working for our company!
Don't hesitate to hire him if you need help with Facebook ads."

Grow my E-commerce StoreJan 6, 2020 - Jan 8, 2020

Absolutely amazing!!' I can't believe I found an expert like Yannick on Upwork. It's game-
changing when you work with a real experienced professional like him.
We ran Facebook ads for more than 1 year already. We had decent results but it was not
consistent and we were looking for help to scale.
After we started working with Yannick, by split-testing and improving the conversion rate
on the different stages on the funnel, and with a new Facebook Ads Strategy,
we scaled our ad spend while our ROI also increased to over 6X!!
Already from the consultation call, we knew that he was the right guy with us. We can't
recommend him enough.

Facebook Ads Marketing For My Online CourseJun 2019

"We loved working with Yannick and his team. We had very valuable calls with him and helped us to increase our ROI on our marketing campaigns. I would recommend everybody to work with them if you are looking for somebody to help vou with Facebook ads."

Digital Marketer To Run Our Facebook Ad CampaignsJan 18, 2022 - Feb 14, 2022

"Working with Yannick has been a pleasure, looking forward to working with him together in the
future. 100% Recommended"

Facebook ads specialistOct 15. 2021 - Nov 12. 2021

"Yannick was great! It was a pleasure working with him. He helped us fix our tracking issues and our sales immediately increased."

Facebook and Instagram expert for Growing E-commerce storeJul 3. 2021 - Jul 5, 2021

Are You Ready to Scale Your DTC Ecommerce Brand Store?

Growth Web Studios is a digital marketing agency with 5 years of experience that specializes in helping DTC brands grow their businesses with Facebook ads.

Yannick Piessens is the Founder of Growth Web Studios, one of the world’s top Facebook ad agencies.  He has worked with over 100 clients and the Growth Web Studios team manages over $300k in ad spend per month.

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